We at Adrian Jules value the importance of strong client relationships. Every individual who walks through our door gets the highest level of service that we can provide. We are always extremely humbled when we hear the stories and positive feedback that result from our work. 

We would like to share with you a testimonial from Richard G. who worked with the amazing John Vanderbrook:

“Before setting foot through the front door of Adrian Jules, I had done a good deal of research regarding the best options for procuring a well made Tuxedo for my wedding.  My hope was to have a nice suit which would remain stylish and would give me an incentive to fit into it as the decades roll along.
Having always had difficulty in finding well fitting suits off the rack and wanting something appropriate for the occasion, I decided to invest a lot of effort into my search.  I looked into off the rack suits, online made to measure companies, brick and mortar made to measure companies, and eventually into the getting something bespoke.  Although my local area has a few brick and mortar menswear shops, I had no luck in finding a garment which appeared well-made or proper fitting.  Reading online reviews of online made to measure companies made the offered rebate toward final tailoring of their garments at a local shop seem like more trouble than it would be worth.  So, worried that I would not find a well-fitting suit meant to withstand the test of time, I started looking into brick and mortar made to measure shops.  A number of online shops touted their laser measurement systems and their well stocked bars which would indulge your fine taste.  Reviews of those shops made it apparent that the main thing a customer was being sold was a mediocre product slathered in snake oil.  Stopping into other shops, which gave off the aura of offering bespoke garments, made me realize that they were selling the same sort of thing, a fancy measurement service which was more image and mark-up than anything else.
At wits end, I was reluctantly talked into trying on a Hugo Boss tuxedo at the mall.  The sales clerk insisted it looked stellar on me, even though the trousers made my legs look like tightly stuffed sausages with satin stripes.  More frustrated than ever, I began searching again- learning that some shops still existed which would custom make a suit.  Some of these shops were in Toronto and one was in Rochester.  Doing some comparison shopping I called up Adrian Jules and decided to stop by when I was in town.
I spoke to John on the phone; his confidence and knowledge were palpable.  He described the process of building a custom pattern from a series of measurements, the process of building the suit, the fitting procedure, and the company's commitment to quality in that they would work to make sure your suit would last the test of time while being refit to your body.
After the store, it appeared that there was quite a camaraderie between the owners, John, and the customers.  Still a bit leery, I let John lead me through the process of figuring out what sort of Tuxedo would be the best for my wedding.  He showed me a plethora of fabric swatches ranging from the base level wool to some really magnificent materials. He took a great deal of time showing me his recommendations for fabrics, colors, and cuts.  Although I had hoped he would have pushed me harder in deciding, he wanted to make sure that the Tuxedo I was buying was what I wanted and what I would be comfortable in.  After dozens of measurements being taken, I ended up ordering a hand stitched midnight blue mohair tuxedo with black satin peaked lapels, a linen shirt, a pocket square, and a bow tie. 
After ordering my tuxedo, I learned that many clothiers who advertise their suits as being bespoke are actually made to measure units which are outsourced to Adrian Jules.  In fact, it appears that Adrian Jules and another whose name escapes me, are two of the last firms who produce custom clothes for many of fine shops around the world.  Although there are still some places in the world where a suit may be entirely constructed in house from measurements made by a tailor, there is a very good chance it is being sent out to Rochester.  At Adrian Jules, it was clear that they controlled every aspect of the creation of your suit, and were in fact making you a bespoke garment.  
It took a few weeks for the suit to be ready for my first fitting, but I drove out as soon as it was.  I tried it on, and the quality was unlike any other I had seen in a garment before.  Wearing it for a few moments there were some fit issues which needed to be taken care of (then again, that is the purpose of a fitting) and I realized I wasn't very happy with the cut of the pants as they a featured a bit more taper than I was comfortable with.  John assured me that the fit could be modified to suit what I had in mind. After a few more fittings, the Tuxedo was perfect.  It felt fantastic and looked the same.
Personally, I am shocked that there are so few reviews on here and the internet in general.  If you're looking for a good garment, look elsewhere.  If you're looking for the best, go to Adrian Jules.”

We look forward to providing you with the best of the best when it comes to bespoke garments. Make an appointment today to get started. 


How To Style Sneakers iPhone Blog Graphic

We are excited for another fun filled summer full of #AJEvents! Be sure not to miss out and get ready for summer style. 
Adrian Jules Annual Car Show
Benefitting Signal 30
Sunday, June 3rd, 7 AM - 12 PM
Mark your calendar and join us for a day of fun! More details to come. Stay tuned on our social pages! 
7:00-9:00 am Meet at Titan Motorworks (formerly Perfection Auto Detailing) at
2975 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd., Suite 170
Continental breakfast provided by Cam’s Pizzeria
9:00 am Registration at the Adrian Jules showroom
2930 Monroe Avenue in Brighton
10 am Car show begins
11:30 am Lunch provided by Rubino’s Italian Food
12 pm Event ends
Fashion Week of Rochester Presents: A Hot Summer Night at Midtown, Sponsored by Brighton Securities
Thursday, June 21, 6:00–8:00 pm
Dress to impress and join us on the pool deck (weather permitting) for a night of fabulous fashion for men and women, plus music, dancing, and contests for the best dressed. All proceeds benefit and support The Center for Youth. Members and guests are welcome. $30 per person.
Guys Night Out
Thursday, July 19, 6:00-8:30pm
Single malt scotch, beer, bacon, burgers & brats. Enjoy a night of games, raffles, and prizes while you relax with a fine cigar and friends. All proceeds benefit The EquiCenter. Ages 21+. Members and guests are welcome.  $25 per person. 
 Midtown’s Annual Holiday Bazaar
Saturday, December 1, 8:30–11:30am
Experienced vendors from all over Rochester who will be sharing their products and services exclusively to Midtown Members. You’ll have the chance to win great prizes. Complimentary for members and guests.

Need to dress for a special event this summer? We have you covered with all the latest styles. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!




As warm clothes are put away for the summer, that also means it’s about time to take cars out from winter storage. For exotic and classic car enthusiasts alike, this is an exciting time! It’s the moment that everyone has been waiting for all winter long. However, before it’s time to join back up with your favorite cruise night, check out these quick tips on getting your car back on the road safely.


Check Your Battery 

If you didn’t leave your battery on a maintainer before putting it away, attempting to start your engine with a drained or low powered battery is never a good idea. If your battery is below 12 volts, be sure to recharge it before attempting to start the car. While you are doing this, it is also a good idea to check the cables for any wear and debris that has occured.


Test Fluids 

Test to make sure that there is enough engine oil. You should also consider getting your oil changed altogether as soon as possible even if you changed it right before storage. Look under the car to be sure that no fluids are leaking and examine the levels of other fluids such as coolant, power steering, brakes, and fuel.


Check Your Tires 

Cold weather can adversely affect your tires. Make sure they have enough air. Also be sure to check for any damage.


Go For A Short Drive 

Before taking your car out on the open road, try going on a shorter drive first to work all of the kinks out. This will ensure that you don’t end up with issues too far away from home. No one likes being stuck on the side of the road!


Checking your spring wardrobe after you take it out of storage is also very important. Make sure that you have everything you need to dress for the season. If you find that you don’t, we’re here to help! Contact us today.



Storing Your Clothing For The Winter (5)

It’s that time of year again - a change in the season means it’s time to change up your wardrobe from winter to spring. For some, it’s a time to celebrate and reconnect with your long lost warm weather clothing. For others however, putting away winter clothing can be less appealing. Check out these easy tips that will help you make the most of storing your winter clothing so that it feels like new when you go to take it out next year.


First Thing’s First; Clean.

Before you even think about putting your clothing away, make sure it is clean. Be sure that any stains, smells, or wrinkles are out and that everything is in perfect condition. This will help insure that once the time comes, you will find them in a similar, ready to wear condition.


To Fold Or To Hang?

The age old question when it comes to clothing storage, and the answer is: it depends. It’s best practice to fold or hang clothing according to type and fabric material. Life Storage says:


  • Sweaters – Fold and place in plastic bins or fabric storage bags. Don’t cram lots of sweaters in one container or mold and mildew could form.

  • Winter coats – Zip up zippers, button the buttons, and gently fold coats made of leather, wool, or faux fur so they keep their shape. If you have a coat of real animal fur, hang it up.

  • Delicates – Remove from plastic dry-cleaning bags, wrap in acid-free tissue paper, and store in cotton garment bags.

  • Shoes – Pack with tissue paper to help them hold their shape and store them in plastic bins.

  • Boots – Put a boot form in each boot to help it hold its shape; store boots on their sides in plastic bins with a pillowcase or an old shirt in between each pair.

  • Casual shirts and jeans – Fold or roll and store in a plastic storage bin.

Get the full article here.


Freshen Up For Spring!

Finally, there’s nothing like a few new pieces to add to your seasonal wardrobe. Treat yourself to a few new pieces that will leave you feeling fresh for the new season! Visit our showroom today so we can hook you up!



The red rose collection

Adrian Jules is proud to announce that in 2018 we have brought back an elite line of suits known as the Red Rose Collection. Many years ago our founder, Adriano Roberti,  and his wife started the tradition of placing a rose on the lapel of every Adrian Jules jacket made. The rose was a symbol of the principles of delivering a superbly hand-crafted garment using traditional tailoring tools and always putting our customer first. It was also a sentiment that the rose is God’s gift to us as a perfect flower and the suits that Adrian Jules made are created by the skillful hands of an artisan to create a perfect suit for each individual. 

What makes a suit from the Red Rose Collection so special is the extended amount of care and detail that goes into each one. Only 247 of these garments will be made each year. They require special goat hair hymo fabric for the foundation of each garment. They also need an extensive amount of handwork and detail put into them. This will cause them to take up to eight weeks to be made. In addition, in this feature collection, the personal label will be embroidered in red as well as the stitching on the facing of the coat, undercollar, and the buttonhole on the slacks. You will also receive a handmade rose lapel pin to signify this special garment. 

The Red Rose Collection is a symbol of the utmost quality and detail that can be put into a garment. Each one of these beautiful suits is a work of art that signifies a traditional, modern gentleman. As always, these garments are made by our talented team of artisan tailors here in Rochester, NY USA. Connect with us to get started on the process of making your once in a lifetime suit.



Spring and summer are right around the corner and it’s time to make sure that you are on trend for the season. This year we are noticing specific trends that you need to be aware of. We are breaking down wardrobe essentials, talking trends, and preparing you to attend spring and summer events in style! 

Spring & Summer Wardrobe Essentials

A main concern with spring and summer dress is keeping cool. A deconstructed garment is the key to keeping yourself cool and comfortable. The weightless construction makes the deconstructed garment versatile and comfortable. This garment is ideal when you want to elevate your style without looking overdressed. Deconstructed garments are complemented by loafers with no show socks, linen or loose weave shirts, jeans, cottons casual pants and even shorts. The light and breathable frame of the deconstructed garment will help keep you from overheating in the warmer months.

Spring & Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

The trends that we are seeing in Europe are wide lapels that are over 4 inches. This is a trend that you will see more and more announcers wearing on television. We are also seeing solid fabrics with a twist for example, textured micro-checked fabrics with an undertone of colors. Flat finish fabrics have taken a back seat to the New “Solid”. Finally, another trending statement are shorter length slacks with 2 1/8 inch cuff paired with tasseled loafers. 

Events To Be Prepared For

You never know when you will get an invitation to a fabulous event this warm weather season. Make sure that you are prepared for graduations, white parties, yacht parties, derby parties, country club events, and weekend getaways (perhaps to the Hamptons?). 

Whatever your plans are for this spring and summer, we have you covered! Come see us today!


A comprehensive list of Australia's (2)

When it comes to picking out a tie or bowtie, there are many things to consider. Between size, length, style, and even how you decide to tie a knot, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Your tie is one of the first things people notice about your outfit. Here are a few pro tips to get you on track:



When it comes to proper tie length, there is one cardinal rule. No matter how tall you are, the tip of the tie should hit right at your beltline. Any shorter or longer is incorrect. If you choose to wear a tie clip, be aware that it will shorten the length of the tie and adjust accordingly while you are tying it. 


According to GQ, your tie dimple is your secret weapon. It is the finishing touch that pulls it all together and is essential! Here is how to do it: 

1. When you're almost done tying your tie, press your thumb against your index finger just beneath the knot, so the fabric forms a crease.

2. Pull down the narrow end of the tie to tighten the dimple, and slide up the knot.

3. Finesse either side of the dimple to accentuate the fold and set it in place.

Bow Ties


In our opinion, the cardinal rule of bowties is never EVER wear a clip on! Any Man of Style would not dare to break this rule. A bow tie that you tie yourself is always the way to go!


 When tied properly, a bowtie should be wide enough so that the edges line up between the outside of your eyes and the edge of your head.  If it lines up with the inside of your eyes or  your ears you will need to adjust. 


There are many different ways to tie a bowtie and there is no correct answer to which one is the best. You will need to try a few different ones and find which one works best for you and the occasion. Three advanced ways are a twisted knot, a big knot, and a single end. 


Need a custom suit to go with your tie? Come visit us at our showroom and we can help!




Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the person you love the most. A true Man Of Style treats his significant other special all year round however, he also realizes that February 14th is not a day to treat lightly. Whether you already have your master plan or are looking for some last minuet tips, we have you covered on how not to mess up Valentine’s Day this year!

How long has it been?

Whether you have been dating for a week or five years, it’s important to make sure that you treat this holiday appropriately as not to upset your special someone. Here is a guide according to Complex :

·         A few weeks: a nice dinner, but nothing over the top. Maybe a small box of chocolates. Definitely no card. 

·         2-5 months: the nicest dinner you can reasonably afford. A simple bouquet of flowers (not roses, they're pointlessly pricey and clichéd) and, if you see things going somewhere, a card.

·         6-12 months: At this point, you're committed, so most women will have expectations. Some thoughtful, non-generic gesture would be appropriate. A card is definitely required (and please write something in it).

·         A year and beyond: Even if this is your fifth Valentine's Day together, you're still expected to put in significant effort, especially if you've been slacking lately. Take the time to show her why you're still dating. In your card, write something specific about why you still love her just as much as the first time you said it. 

(Read the full article here)

It’s The Thought That Counts 

No matter how much money you are able to spend on a gift, be sure that there is a romantic gesture behind it. For example getting her a cupcake from her favorite bakery will feel more meaningful than getting her a box of chocolates from the grocery store.

Dress The Part

Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s day, dressing like a true Man of Style is always an important piece of the puzzle.  There is no better way to do so than with a custom garment. Come visit our showroom today and we will get you covered! Looking for a last minute Valentine's Day gift? inquire about our Aj Style: Valentine's Box!


Suiting up for the big games_

Adrian Jules is excited to announce that they have designed a custom look for Richie Incognito, Buffalo Bill’s Guard, for his 4th Prowl Bowl on Sunday. In addition, they have also made clothing for Reggie Wayne, NFL announcer and former player, who is going to the Super Bowl. Both garments were designed and made locally in Rochester.

Richie will be wearing a chocolate brown with Neapolitan blue plaid outfit made out of premium fabric from Italy. This look will also feature a must-see custom made lining with the Pro Bowl memory tiled throughout. He will also have a shirt and slacks to match. This will be his fourth Pro Bowl in his career.

Reggie Wayne will attend the Super Bowl in style having purchased three outfits for the weekend. Including a royal blue mohair coat and tan slacks, a black classic coat with grey slacks, and a green tweed coat with green slacks. Though he is now a NFL announcer, Reggie is a six time Pro Bowl player and won the Super Bowl with the Colts in 2006.

We are proud to be a part of these NFL experiences through style. Though we have the wonderful opportunity to outfit professional athletes and celebrities. We still hold true to the values we have had from the beginning. Adriano Roberti, our founder, made a promise to himself in 1964 when he started his company. After working alongside and witnessing superb craftsmen shape cloth into fine garments with such simple tools as a scissors, needle, thread, tailors’ chalk, and a hot iron, Adriano decided that the most important element in his company would be his personnel-craftsmen with the skill to produce a garment using only the basic tailoring implements.

Treat yourself to a game winning look that is made with traditional values and technique that you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today to get started!


autumn momentsWhen it comes to wedding style, it is usually all about the bride. Though upstaging the bride is probably one of the worst wedding faux pas one could make, the groom and groomsmen should be having one of the best dressed days of their lives as well. From a full tuxedo to a two piece suit to a more casual look, there are many ways one could go with men’s wedding style and there is no correct answer! However, no matter which style you choose to go with, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

Everything should fit properly

The best and most meaningful way to make sure everything fits properly is to have a custom suit or tuxedo made that is fitted to you, your groomsmen and your style. If this is not an option, there is nothing worse than a wedding photo with a bunch of guys who are wearing rented suits or tuxedos that are ill fitting. Even the cheapest suit off the rack can look a million times better if it is tailored to you. Whatever you choose to wear, be sure to see a local tailor who can help you look your best!

Don’t be afraid to stand out

Again, though one should never upstage the bride complements are the perfect way to add a subtle touch of style and elegance to your wedding day attire. They are also the perfect way to accompany bridesmaid dress themes without being too “matchy” or looking like you’re on the way to your senior prom.

Pro tip:

If you are going the route of ties or bowties, be sure to have the same person tie everyone’s ties. This will insure that they all look uniform!

Adrian Jules can help you take care of all of your groom and groomsmen wedding attire needs. Let us be a part of your special day so you don't miss any of the details! Contact us!


Aj Blog naughty or nice

They say that Santa Clause makes his list and checks it twice. It’s not just children who can fall on the naughty or nice list. Men of style should be held to the same standard and be on “stylish” behavior all year round. Our #AJStyleExperts have been on high alert and here's what we have found so far:

The Naughty List

Was underdressed for an occasion – It is always better to be overdressed than under dressed!

Buttoned the bottom button of a sport coat

Went without collar stays in dress shirt

Wore dull or scuffed dress shoes – Be sure to polish your shoes every Sunday before starting a new week, especially in the wintertime.

Wore a matching tie and pocket square – They should not match, but complement each other!

Wore a clip on tie


The Nice List

Has lavender incorporated into his wardrobe – Lavender is the new blue!

Only wears a brown belt with brown shoes and black shoes with black belt

Understands invitation terminology and suggested dress codes – This important information to know so that you are dressed appropriately for every occasion. Check our dress code guide for more information!

Knows how to order a drink for his partner – It is important to know how to order a proper drink and have basic knowledge of wines.

Has a clean car inside and out, even in the winter with all that salt

Knows the importance of having different wardrobes for different seasons – Each season requires a different type of attire!


Stay tuned and follow our Facebook and instagram pages!  You'll be able to take a quiz and find out what list you're on!  Need help?  Contact us today!







style box

This holiday season we will be offering a promotion unlike anything we have done before. We are taking this opportunity to offer something special to our customers and the community as well. Adrian Jules is excited to announce that from December 1st – 23rd we will have available two different AJ style boxes. Each box offers something different at varying price points. They will include the following:

Pocket Square – Choose from the wide variety of colors and styles that we have to offer.

Tie – An essential for any man of style! Depending on which box you choose, pick a tie that complements the pocket square for a finished look. Socks – Be sure to be dressed in style from head to toe and keep your feet warm and toasty this winter.

Silk Knots – Even the smallest details can make a world of difference in any look. Don’t skip them!

Man of Style Book – Easy access to all our style tips!

Gift Card – We will be offering both $25 and $500 gift cards depending on which box you choose. Whether you are looking to spend a small amount or a large amount, the best gift to give is AJ Style.

The boxes are very similar however; they do vary slightly in price and content. Here is the breakdown:

Box 1 - $275.00

Pocket Square



Silk Knots

Man of Style Book

$25 Gift Card

Box 2 - $500.00

Pocket Square


Silk Knots

Man of Style Book

$500 Gift Card


If you're making your holiday list and checking it twice, If you're making your holiday list and checking it twice, contact us today! 


Why we are thankful this year

This time of year we begin to think about everything that we have to be thankful for. The next month we will get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season but for now we would like to take a step back and get some #AJPerspective on some of the things we love very much. Here are three reasons why Adrian Jules is Thankful.

  1. Our Family

Family is always first. Adrian Jules is a family owned business in every sense of the word. Everyone who works with us is truly part of our AJ family. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!

  1. Our Clients

We would argue that we have some of the best clients out there. Our “Men of Style” make everything more fun and exciting. We appreciate your loyalty and constant support. Our clients have passed on our clothing for generations and taken us in new directions that we could never have dreamed of. We are also thankful for the help and support we are able to have in giving back to the community.

  1.  Our Community

Rochester, NY is a unique place unlike any other. We love the people, food, parks, events, and spirit of giving back. We are so thankful to do business in such a wonderful place! There are so many opportunities to give back to the Rochester community. We have supported over 20 organizations so far this year including The Center for Youth which holds a special place in our hearts.

It can be easy to get caught up in the holiday season and forget what they are truly about. Hold on to the things you love and never take them for granted. As we gather this Thanksgiving with those that matter most, please know how much matter to us.


Copy of roccity home values

The dating games that may have worked wonders for you in college don’t have a place in the quest for a mature adult relationship. A true gentleman (and Man of Style) knows that when it comes to dating, that tradition and etiquette are the best place to start – with a modern twist of course!  Having an air of old school class is what will set you apart from the other fish in the sea.


First and Foremost Be a Gentleman


If you follow one rule at all, let it be this one.  It’s simple. Have good manners, and be kind. Be punctual, don’t swear, hold ALL the doors, pay for the meal, and remember “Ladies First”.   Holding the door doesn’t mean you perceive females as the weaker sex.  It shows you want them to feel special.  Finally, remember to keep your cellphone away and keep your focus on your date.  This strategy will go a long way with any woman.  


Be Confident, But Not Too Confident


There is nothing more unattractive than a man who spends the entire date talking about how great he is. On the flip side, a man who exudes insecurity will likely be written off as well. It is important to find a healthy balance that will let your date know your best qualities without coming off as bragging and allow you to discover her best qualities as well.  (Stay tuned for future blogs on where to take your date and the top 5 conversation starters!)


Be a Man of Style


An overwhelming majority of women think men who dress well are more attractive. A man’s sense of style is ranked as one of the top 10 traits women want in a man. In fact 60% of women said that taste in clothing can be a dating deal breaker! There is a saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  This phrase might be applied to dating as well. “Dress for the type of woman you wish to attract.”


Need help defining your style? Contact us today!




Fashion Week of Rochester 2017 (1)

We were thrilled to be able to participate in Fashion Week of Rochester once again this year. This event is something we look forward to all year! This year we had arguably our most successful show yet.  We know that not everyone was able to make it so here is a play by play of the fun and exciting night:

Pregame, Practice, and Getting Ready

We had everyone to our store on Monroe Avenue for a “pre-runway party” and to have a chance to practice. There was music, drinks, and food. The food was catered by Rubino’s Italian Foods of course! We had an amazing spread of sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres that were to die for!

After plenty of food and drinks, we headed outside to the Adrian Jules parking lot to practice for the big show!  A few rounds of walking the imaginary runway later we were ready to take on Fashion Week.

The Big Event

If you didn’t hear about it or see it for yourself, this year Fashion Week of Rochester was held in a pretty unique tent.  The tent was clear glass structure which made for an incredible atmosphere for the show. In the tent were the runway, many chairs and tables, and an exquisite bar and sitting area. This transported attendees far away from the side of 590.

Upon arrival to the event, we headed back stage to wait our turn to walk. Backstage was as crazy as you can imagine. Models, designers, and stylists like were buzzing about. The energy was high. A few pep talks and a group huddle later, we were ready to strut our stuff! The show was extremely successful and we had a blast participating in it!

The most important part of all of this of course is that the show benefitted The Center for Youth. We pride ourselves on being able to give back to our community. We will be doing so once again this Thursday, October 26th at City Grill by guest bartending for Rochester Regional Health’s Sands-Constellation Heart Institute. We hope to see you there!


adrian jules blog title

As the cold season is rolling in and we are weeks away from #NoShaveNovember, it’s time to talk facial hair. While some may argue that a clean shaven face is always best, facial hair can add to a man of style’s personal style. The important thing to remember is to grow your facial hair properly and in good taste. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Be Patient

The first step to growing facial hair is in fact growing it out. This can be an itchy, patchy, and sometimes not-so-desirable process. However, you must commit to getting through it to reach your facial hair goals. During this process it is important to be “lassiez-faire” and resist the urge to trim!

Trim Like a Pro (or go see one)

The best policy is always to get your facial hair trimmed by a professional. They will not only be able to trim to compliment your face shape but will be able to sculpt your facial hair to perfection as well!  Unfortunately going to see a professional on the regular is not  realistic for everyone. If you do need to touch up on your own follow these tips:

-          Use a straight razor to sculpt super close.

-          Add water to your shaving cream for an extra smooth shave.

-          Use a hot towel to open up the pores before your sculpt and a cold one to close the pores after.


Once your facial hair is grown and shaped the way you like it, you will need to do a few things to keep it that way.

-          Trim regularly. You don’t want your beard growing out too much and looking disheveled. However there is a fine line between maintaining a good trim and going too far and ruining your hard to work!

-          Brush it to make sure all hair is laying neatly.

-          Clean and condition.

-          Shave around the beard to maintain a clean outline. Don’t forget your neck!

Growing facial hair is a great way for a man to change up his look or express his personal style. Done properly it can be just like a bespoke suit;  perfectly tailored in both style and fit to the man who wears it. Contact us today to get a bespoke suit of your very own!




A man of style carries his style throughout all aspects of his life. One way to accomplish this is to make sure the gentleman’s home bar is always stocked with the essentials. This is imperative when you are entertaining guests; however it is also important to always drink in style, even if it is just you! This guide will help you determine all of the elements you need to present a bar with class and style!

The Essential Liquors

Building the perfect home bar can be quite the expense, start small and slow and build your bar over time. Think of the cocktails that you and those who frequent your home will be most likely to drink and start there. Most likely those drinks will fall into one of the following essentials:


This American whiskey is an essential to sip classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Mint Julep.

Scotch Whiskey

Scotch is most commonly served on its own or with a splash of water or ice. Due to this, it is important not to skimp on this bottle. A safe basic that most scotch drinkers will enjoy is Johnnie Walker Green Label or Glenfiddich 12 Year. Try serving the scotch in a glass with a giant ice sphere, you won’t regret it.


This is a staple for many popular drinks such as martinis, cosmopolitans, and bloody marys.


Gin is made to be mixed! Gin & tonics, gin mules, and Tom Collins are all popular ways to enjoy gin.


Tequila is popular for many drinks, however most notably for the classic margarita!


If you want to be able to serve mojitos, daiquiris, or a simple rum and coke you will want to have this spirit included in your bar!

Other liquors you will want to have include vermouth and triple sec.


To be able to mix most drinks you will want to have a basic supply of:

Club soda

Tonic Water

Ginger Beer

Orange Juice

Cranberry Juice

Tomato Juice

Angostura Bitters

A man of style knows that presentation is everything. Garnishes add a level of style to your drink. For your home bar make sure you have:







Other tools you might have are a martini shaker and strainer, small knife and cutting board, and any necessary glassware.

Finally, be sure to dress the part and sip your cocktail in your custom Adrian Jules suit!


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As the seasons change, so should your warbdrobe. The first thing that many people do is to go through their clothing. It is important at this time to refine your wardrobe. Discard items that are out of style, too worn, or no longer fit properly. Streamlining the items in your closet allows for less to store, organize, and keep clean. However, it also presents you with the space in your closet to add up-to-date styles. Get rid of an old, worn dress shirt and trade up to something on trend and clean cut.

Old clothing often ends up taking up space in storage but you can do a lot with it– your old clothing may even put a few extra dollars in your pocket!

  1. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has locations all over the Rochester area: Downtown, Henrietta, Irondequoit, and Greece to name a few. Proceeds from the sale of your donated goods will help fund Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers. These centers offer support for those with substance abuse and other life issues as they re-enter society to hopefully live productive lives.

  1. Open Door Mission

The Open Door Mission provides shelter, food, and guidance to men, women, and children in need. As part of this they depend on community donations of clothing. Men’s clothing donations specifically are used for things such as job interviews, funerals, etc. Their donation center is located at 156 N. Plymouth Avenue Rochester, NY 14608.

Donating your unwanted clothing is a win-win situation for all. Not only does this allow you to create space in your closet, you may also be able to receive a tax deduction for your donations.

Now that you have room in your closet, be sure to fill that space with quality items that you will cherish. Be sure to come see us for all your fall style needs!  Now that you have room in your closet, be sure to fill that space with quality items that you will cherish. Be sure to come see us for all your fall style needs!  Contact us today!Now that you have room in your closet, be sure to fill that space with quality items that you will cherish. Be sure to come see us for all your fall style needs!  Now that you have room in your closet, be sure to fill that space with quality items that you will cherish. Be sure to come see us for all your fall style needs! Contact us today!


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Getting an invitation to an event is fun and exciting! However, it can also be confusing and stressful when it comes time to figure out what to wear to your event. Dress codes have a whole host of different names and meanings to go along with them. Black tie, white tie, formal, and what in the world do they mean by optional?!  Adrian Jules Custom Clothier is here to help with this dress code guide that can be used for all seasons!


White Tie

White Tie is the absolute most formal of all dress codes. You don’t see this as much today as it was mostly popular after World War I and in Great Britain.

According  to the knot, one should wear the following:


            -          A black tuxedo with tails, a white vest and bow tie, black dress shoes. White gloves are optional.  


            -          A formal, floor length gown with makeup and jewelry to match. Long gloves are optional.

Black Tie

A close second in best dressed attire is Black Tie.  People are often confused as to what the difference is between black and white tie. For men, Business Insider put it best, “The difference between black- and white-tie is simple. Black-tie includes a black tuxedo dinner jacket, a white wing-collared shirt, and a black satin bow tie. White-tie swaps the dinner jacket for a dress coat with tails, a white cotton bow tie, and a white starchy waistcoat that hits just below the belt line.” For women, this is an occasion to dress up, however, black tie allows them to have a bit more fun and “jazz it up!”


         -          Tuxedo jacket with matching pants, black bow tie,black cummerbund, shirt studs, cufflinks, dress shoes.


        -          Floor length gown, dressy cocktail dress, heels, jewelry


Black Tie Optional

This dress code could go either way, however at Adrian Jules we say, “A man of style understands it is always better to be overdressed than to be underdressed”.


        -          Tuxedo or if you’re feeling more casual a dark colored suit with a dress shirt and conservative tie, dress shoes.


        -          Floor length evening gown, dressy cocktail dress.




Another more ominous dress code, semiformal is just as it sounds, somewhere between dressy and more casual. Let’s break it down.


        -          Dark suit, vest optional, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes.



        -          Cocktail dress (long or short), dressy pants or skirt and top, heels or dressy flats.




While you should still remain in tasteful style, casual means just about anything goes.


        -          Dark jeans, kakis, shorts in appropriate temperatures, button down shirt or sweater, loafers


        -          Sundress, skirt, jeans or shorts, blouse or t shirt.


Whatever the occasion may be, Adrian Jules is here to help with any dress code you may come across and we can make custom clothing to reflect any level or style. Contact us today to make an appointment or stop in at our show room any time.




Pittsford fashion trailWe at Adrian Jules are fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful locally owned businesses. Monroe Avenue, where our store is located, has its own Fashion Trail complete with men’s fashion, women’s fashion, fine jewelry, and accessories.  A few of the business on this trial include Dado, A Different Point of View, Adrian Jules, and Mann’s Jewelers.

Adrian Jules

As you know we specialize in delivering superbly hand-crafted garments using traditional tailoring tools and always putting our customer first! A bespoke suit is like no other as it is tailored in fit and style to you! We love our neighbors and are very excited to be highlighting a few other locally owned businesses!


This fashion forward women’s clothing boutique is located at 2900 Monroe Avenue. Dado is a great piece of the Rochester fashion community because they choose on trend pieces that you don’t see everywhere. They are also huge in giving back to our community by holding fashion shows for charity.

A Different Point of View

This store has it all! Designer clothing, jewelry, stationery, giftware, accessories, home decor and bath and body all in a one stop shop! Here you will find jewelry and accessories at an affordable price point. You can also find gifts and other alternative items.

Mann’s Jewelers

Just a jump across the street from Dado, is Mann’s Jewelers, Rochester’s premier jewelry store. “Family owned for nine generations, Mann's Jewelers has grown from humble beginnings into one of the most well-respected jewelry stores in the country.” Mann’s has only the finest jewelry and their staff seeks to educate their customers in order to help them make the perfect choice. It is difficult to find this level of professionalism, inventory, and beauty!


If you are visiting any of our neighbors this weekend, don’t forget to stop by Saturday from 9 am to 3:30 pm for our Swatches and Sandwiches events! We will be serving espresso in the morning and sandwiches in the afternoon while highlighting this season’s latest styles!



The staff at Adrian Jules Custom Clothier feels extremely fortunate to have built strong relationships with our clients which allows us to truly have a family-like culture within our store.  We are excited  to announce a series of monthly events  (#ajevents) that will encourage clients both old and new to visit the show room, eat, socialize, and browse the newest styles we have to offer.

We will begin next Saturday, July 22nd with “Swatches & Sandwiches”. This event will be catered by Rubino’s Italian Foods and we will be showcasing the latest prints and fabrics that we have to offer. Take a cruise over in your exotic car and stop by for a sandwich or even a cup of espresso!

Kickoff is at 9:30 am with some excellent expresso.  Sandwiches will be delivered at 11:00 am.

Stay for the whole day or drop by when you can but don’t miss out on these great tips from our 101 Fashion Tips for A Man of Style handbook.


A man of style should have a different wardrobe for the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons. When he takes his clothes out for the new season, it will appear as if he has a new wardrobe.

We will have our latest swatches available. Be proactive and plan ahead for the next season!

Tip 2

A man of style invests in himself and acknowledges that a self-investment is always a wise investment. It is difficult to top the feeling of wearing a garment that is custom to your style, size, and is true to you! Every man of style knows that this is an investment that they will cherish forever.

We’ll be ready to measure and find the perfect fabric to suit your style.

Tip 3

A man of style knows clothing covers 90% of his body, and understands the importance of making a first impression. Before you say a word, you have already made an impression with your clothing. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words; a person’s first “picture” of you is your appearance.

 A bespoke suit is the best way to represent and express yourself to others. Let us show you samples!

Great tips!   Great people!  Great opportunity!  Watch for our online registration!  See you next Saturday!


Adrian Jules


There are some pairings that seem to be made in heaven: Rogers and Astaire, Abbot and Costello, PB and jelly, and, of course, wine and cheese!


One of the most engaging aspects of wine culture is to explore the perfect food complements for various types of vino. Cheese has been partnered with wine from early times. Let’s explore some of the combinations, the tried and true, as well as some of the lesser-known couplings.




The choice for Sauvignon Blanc, the popular and affordable crisp white, is Goat Cheese. The tangy cheese needs a distinctive wine to compete with it, and Sauvignon Blanc fits the bill. 


The dry and zesty white Pinot Grigio, the second most popular white in the US, goes well with the slightly sweet cheese famous for pizza: Mozzarella. 


Viognier and Jarlsberg make a nice duo. The notes of citrus and stone fruits (peaches, plums, apricots) in Viogniers help to penetrate the full flavors of Jarlsberg.


Gewurztraminer and Morbier are a solid matching. The aromatic and sweet Gewurztraminer wine balances off the pungent smell (some may use a harsher term) of Morbier.


Riesling and Ricotta even sound like they go well together! The sweetness of Ricotta and the floral aromas of Rieslings are meant for one another. But try the popular cheese with not only the well-known sweet version of Rieslings, but also the dry variations as well.


Chardonnay and Gruyere will please palates that enjoy this classic wine’s fruit and nut notes paired with the cheese known for its sweet but a touch salty and nutty taste that can range widely depending on its age. 




Monterey Jack and Merlot are the next partners on the dance card. The robust Monterey Jack is complemented by a lighter and fruitier wine, and a Merlot is a great option.


Beaujolais and Feta make a fine combo. Beaujolais is the region where the Gamay grapes are grown that are used in this bright red, and its flavor off-sets the saltiness of the fan favorite Feta very well.


Pinot Noir and Brie may be the most famous pairing on the list – like Lucy and Desi or Ali and Frazier! Pinot Noir has the most devout following of any red wine in the world and Brie needs a partner that complements its unique flavor without dominating it, and Pinoit Noirs do just that.


Malbec – the dark red that has come onto the scene strongly in the last ten years – makes a nice counterpart to Aged Cheddar. Malbec has the needed strength to stand up to the famed cheese’s full flavor.


Rioja and Manchego are a perfect match. Spain’s classic wine, grown with its domestic grapes for two thousand years, offers a full-bodied fruity taste that is ideal with Manchego’s sweet flavor.


A Cabernet Sauvignon will complement Aged Gouda very well. The classic cheese is known for its strong flavor and the Cabernet Sauvignon is just the wine to meet the strength with its own robustness.


Here are a few more pairings to consider. Whatever your mood or event may dictate, you’ll be sure to find a winning combination. Or if you want to go out for a wine in the Rochester area, here are a few suggestions that won’t steer you wrong! Finding the perfect suit is just as complex as finding the perfect combination of wine and cheese. Contact us today so we can help!


Adrian Jules Custom Clothing will be hosting a car show on Sunday, June 25th, 2017. The event will take place at the Adrian Jules retail show room in Pittsford, NY (2930 Monroe Avenue Pittsford, NY 14618). It  will begin at 8:30 am with a continental breakfast and end at 12 pm. We will be having it regardless of the weather, rain or shine!  The exact schedule of events is as follows

                                                 8:30 am               Continental breakfast provided by Cam’s Pizzeria

                                                 9:00 am               Registration

                                                10:00 am              Car show begins

                                                11:30 am              Lunch provided by Rubino’s Italian Food

                                                12:00 pm              Event ends

The event will be sponsored by:

Meyer’s RV Superstores                                   Perfection Automotive Detailing (PAD)

The Men’s Room                                             Adrian Jules Custom Clothing

Steven James                                                    Phoenix Graphics, Inc.

Cam’s Pizzeria                                                   Rubino’s Italian Food

The Little Speed Shop

We are proud to announce that the car show will benefit the Rochester Center for Youth. The Center for Youth provides support for young individuals in the Rochester NY area. It allows them to have a safe place to go for issues that are important to them. The Center serves the community with runaway and homeless youth and crisis services as well as school-based and youth development. More specifically they provide: counseling, a crisis nursery, an emergency shelter, a food pantry, and many educational based services for teens and youth. 

The Center for Youth’s core mission is that given the proper information and support, young people want to and can make their own positive life choices. Donations and volunteers are always appreciated. 

Adrian Jules is thrilled to host this event for the second year in a row. If possible, we ask that you please register in advance. Tickets are available at all sponsor locations and you can register by emailing Thank you to all of our sponsors!


Community Connections


One of our core values/objectives  at Adrian Jules Clothier is to make a difference and raise awareness in our community and we do this through our AJ Community Connections initiative. One of our local connections is The Center for Youth.  We have partnered with them on several occasions, most notably during Fashion Week every year.  (FYI, Fashion Week 2017 is October 9th– 14th)  Recently, in an effort to better understand the organization, our staff and some of our clients visited the Crisis Nursery Center of Greater Rochester.



What is a Crisis Nursery Center? 

We’re glad you asked.  The Center of Youth shares on their website:

cfy1“When parents are in crisis, and they have no one else to turn to for safe childcare, they can contact the Crisis Nursery or The Center for Youth's 24-hour help line. Crisis Nursery staff will assist each family based on their individual needs. Some parents need only a few hours of childcare while they resolve their issues; others may need to access the Crisis Nursery on an on-going basis until a crisis is resolved. All families receive referrals to community resources that can provide permanent assistance, as needed.”

 How Can You Help?

You can help in several ways:  you can make a contribution, you can donate items on the Crisis Nursery wish wish list or volunteer your time.  

 Touring the center was a great experience that left us grateful.  We are so fortunate to have this facility in Rochester, NY.  This center is a short term strategy until a longer term solution can be found and it has helped so many families.  It’s the only program of its kind in New York State. 

We look forward to our continued partnership with the Center for Youth and hope you might consider connecting with them as well.



Rochester Fashion Week 2017

Adrian Jules Custom Clothiers had the priviledge to walk the runway in Saturday night's show. We debuted over 20 looks that night.

Check out the video footage here:

Adrian Jules runway show (click here)

Grand finale walk...

Practice run...


 Fashion Week 2017

Photos from the night can be found on our Facebook page at by clicking here.    



5 tips on how to get the closet in shape for spring

Pack Away Your Winter Clothes in Damp-Proof Storage: Store your clothes in plastic storage bins to allow ample room in your closet for your spring / summer wardrobe. To protect your clothing from moisture, place pieces of chalk into a small cloth Spring Cleaning Closetbag and place in each storage bin. The chalk will absorb any moisture. Dry clean before storing.

Hanger Trick: When you place your spring clothes in the closet, put the hangers in backwards on the rod. When you wear a piece of clothing, hang it up facing the front. At the end of the season you’ll know which items you never wore.

Donate to a Local Charity: Determine which items can be donated - you’ll get tax benefits or consign for money.

Categorize Your Closet: Find items more quickly by grouping clothing by color, item category, sleeve / pant length, or by outfit.

Make it Apart of Your Daily Routine: Each day, designate organization time; time to put away items and to get items prepared for the next day. When you put off organizing daily, it becomes a major chore (and a mess).

Hand crafting perfect occasions for over 50 years.

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