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One of our core values/objectives  at Adrian Jules Clothier is to make a difference and raise awareness in our community and we do this through our AJ Community Connections initiative. One of our local connections is The Center for Youth.  We have partnered with them on several occasions, most notably during Fashion Week every year.  (FYI, Fashion Week 2017 is October 9th– 14th)  Recently, in an effort to better understand the organization, our staff and some of our clients visited the Crisis Nursery Center of Greater Rochester.



What is a Crisis Nursery Center? 

We’re glad you asked.  The Center of Youth shares on their website:

cfy1“When parents are in crisis, and they have no one else to turn to for safe childcare, they can contact the Crisis Nursery or The Center for Youth's 24-hour help line. Crisis Nursery staff will assist each family based on their individual needs. Some parents need only a few hours of childcare while they resolve their issues; others may need to access the Crisis Nursery on an on-going basis until a crisis is resolved. All families receive referrals to community resources that can provide permanent assistance, as needed.”

 How Can You Help?

You can help in several ways:  you can make a contribution, you can donate items on the Crisis Nursery wish wish list or volunteer your time.  

 Touring the center was a great experience that left us grateful.  We are so fortunate to have this facility in Rochester, NY.  This center is a short term strategy until a longer term solution can be found and it has helped so many families.  It’s the only program of its kind in New York State. 

We look forward to our continued partnership with the Center for Youth and hope you might consider connecting with them as well.



Rochester Fashion Week 2017

Adrian Jules Custom Clothiers had the priviledge to walk the runway in Saturday night's show. We debuted over 20 looks that night.

Check out the video footage here:

Adrian Jules runway show (click here)

Grand finale walk...

Practice run...


 Fashion Week 2017

Photos from the night can be found on our Facebook page at by clicking here.    



5 tips on how to get the closet in shape for spring

Pack Away Your Winter Clothes in Damp-Proof Storage: Store your clothes in plastic storage bins to allow ample room in your closet for your spring / summer wardrobe. To protect your clothing from moisture, place pieces of chalk into a small cloth Spring Cleaning Closetbag and place in each storage bin. The chalk will absorb any moisture. Dry clean before storing.

Hanger Trick: When you place your spring clothes in the closet, put the hangers in backwards on the rod. When you wear a piece of clothing, hang it up facing the front. At the end of the season you’ll know which items you never wore.

Donate to a Local Charity: Determine which items can be donated - you’ll get tax benefits or consign for money.

Categorize Your Closet: Find items more quickly by grouping clothing by color, item category, sleeve / pant length, or by outfit.

Make it Apart of Your Daily Routine: Each day, designate organization time; time to put away items and to get items prepared for the next day. When you put off organizing daily, it becomes a major chore (and a mess).

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